"Untitled"- a celebration of change on the horizon and the joy I feel because of it

My body and mind has been released

Now I can say I’ve been set free

Free in Him is free indeed

And that is all I really need

I have stepped out of my past

That had me locked down tight

Where I was suffocating

Suffocating in my own skin

Now that skin has been sloughed away and I am like a babe

All things new

I see the wonderment in life

I am in awe of everything

Each step I take amazes me like it is my very first

Each morning that I awake

Eat, shower, dress, and step out the door and it is not a chore, I know that I am blessed

With every less pill I have to swallow to be in community with life

With each empty thought that would have once been occupied by wanting to harm myself or die

I know I have overcome

At the end of the day when I plug in my salt lamp, turn on my diffuser, and say a prayer instead of tranquilizing myself, I acknowledge my miracle

No nightmares, or daymares, no fears or freezing, no sensations or internal screaming

My God!

The world told me I would forever be a nasty cycle of ups and downs and in and out of one place or another

Always waiting for the next door to slam shut

The next set of shoelaces or hoodie strings to be lost in the abyss

Another hold, fear of commitment

But God!

My anthem of awe has just begun

And I’ll leave you with another one (or two, or three)

But God!

But God!

But God!

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