Hold On

This is for all of us, young and old and in between... this is my wish, my hope, my dream for all.

May we hold on to the innocence that says we can climb trees and not get hurt, even after falling and breaking bones

May we hold on to the joy that comes from the anticipation of opening presents on birthdays, even after we have grown old and there are none

May we always continue to hope for the best, even when time and time again we have seen poor outcomes

May the butterflies still flutter in our stomachs

and the knots never come

May we never know the upset of heartache or even a frown

All these things I want to hold on to seem very unrealistic

But the fact that I can still want them speaks volumes

It speaks with a loud, loud voice that my hopes are not yet completely dashed

That my dreams are still alive and well

And that with enough self pep talks I can tell those negative thoughts to go straight to the pit of hell

So I do believe I will go climb a tree

and give myself a present if no one else will

I will open it with joy just like I did with my very first brand new toy

I WILL hope for the best

and well, the knots they might still come

but the butterflies flap stronger and louder

I will love and love some more even past the frowns

I will, and I will, like I have never known differently


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