It is Well

It is well with my soul

because despite the cracks

He has made me whole

it is well with my soul

because even through the constricted breath

of panic and angst I have the breath of life

I’m not thankful for panic and anxiety

but I am thankful that I’m still alive to experience them

Just one more experience in life

an experience the same way seeing the butterflies flutter in Aruba was

The same way each bite of something new and delicious is

In times of peace AND in times of turmoil

It is well with my soul

simply because I was given time for both

I was given time

Through pain and joy

a chance to learn

an opportunity to grow

One not everyone is afforded


New perspective

What I am granted every time I open my eyes

Early or late in there morning or even in the middle of the night

Whatever hour I deem savory or not quite right

It is well with my soul because my eyes opened for one more day for someone to gaze in them and see into my soul

To gaze and be blessed or to pour in or maybe both

But they are open

Open for the chance to see things differently

To witness change in the world around me each day

It is well with my soul

Even as I fret about my physical appearance

About my scars

I pause

I pause and reflect on how many of those scars came from injuries that could have been worse

On the ones where the bleeding wouldn’t stop and someone intervened

It is well with my soul, scarred body and all

Scarred body carrying more weight then some say it should

Weight that’s come as the price I’ve paid for mental stability

And it is still well with my soul

My soul now jumps for joy and I think others can sense it

I cannot explain it always

But I can and will accept it

I will accept it and I will invite others to journey as well

To journey to this place of joy

To share in this delight

In this imperfect life

This imperfect life

Where whatever happens I can find peace because

It is well with my soul

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