World Bipolar Day! (Celebrate!)

Today is World Bipolar Day! Yes, yes, I know EVERYTHING gets a day now... I get quite a few. Just more occasions to celebrate! That's right, I said celebrate. This is actually the first year I am celebrating World Bipolar Day. It seems like an odd thing to celebrate, maybe not odd to acknowledge, but celebrate? I'm going to have a party! I'm going to have a strawberry lollipop and maybe even a donut!

The reason I am celebrating and not just acknowledging is because I love myself and as someone living with bipolar disorder I want to celebrate all of me. I would write more, but today I have decided to team up with an organization dear to my heart and share some of my story and my thoughts on their blog. This is my Brave is an organization that helped me a few years back to "out myself" as a person living with mental illness. It was terrifying and liberating and I am so thankful for that I did it. Check out my guest blog post here:

Lastly, do no forget to celebrate ALL that you are as much as possible!

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