Conditional Love

What is love? That is a question I have been toying around with lately. Until very recently I thought that “conditional love” was a thing. What I am discovering is that those two words don’t really go together well. As with most of my thoughts I had to write about it and explore. I would love to hear your thoughts on love in the comments below.

“Thoughts on Love”

My love stretches for miles

and I am loved from miles away From the east coast to the west coast

and places in between

There is love for me

and there are people that I love

I say their love is conditional

but I know that it is not It’s just love that hasn’t grown and stretched enough for all of me But it’s there It’s love And I can see it I can feel it I can even taste it And it is sweet Which is great Because I have an endless sweet tooth It’s like lemonade made the way I like it

Poured over ice in a tall frosty glass on a hot summer day It almost quenches my thirst but it’s so sweet that it leaves me wanting more

I could keep drinking it but even to the last drop my throat and my tongue would cry out for more

My soul deep down in the darkest depths of yearning needs that love to quench like ice cold water That’s the love that reaches all of me Sees all of me for who I am

Past even what the naked eye can see For who I am

Down in my soul

My likes, my loves

What makes me whole The whimsy the wonder

What some think of as an “other”

That is the me that I want you to see

To know and to love


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