33 and Flying Free

As many are focused today especially for what they are thankful for, I must say that I am especially thankful for life- my life.

Celebrating new beginnings on this the 23rd day of November 2017 as I turn 33. New beginnings for me and my life as a writer and my life as a whole. 33 is the year I had so many plans for. So many plans that have been replaced with new plans. No, I am not graduating with my masters this year. I am however publishing my first book this year. I’ll take sharing my work and encourage others above that degree any day. I cannot wait to share my book testimony with you all, but until then check back in from time to time for snippets of writing here and there.

Someone recently said to me "be 33 and flying free”. This year I am taking that statement and running with it. I plan to soar to new heights and fly to new places. Most importantly I plan on putting myself first and not chasing after peace.

"Me First"

Living for you had me dying

When I was wanting to live it was not for myself

It was for you

And I was slowly

(sometimes quickly)


Often on the fast track to death

Because I thought it was my only option

I thought it was my only option

When I was living for you and failing at it

Out of my self imposed

(but sponsored by you)

boot camp

No longer “struggling”

Because the struggle is yours

if you choose not to accept

I am living

Living for me at risk at being dead to you

But it is me that I live with 24/7

And it is me that matters most here

So I choose life

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